This was the last class for interaction design. In this class, we were given classwork that we had to depict our concepts of the home assistant visually. So for the first half, we made the depictions and in the other half, we discussed. I liked how Dinesh gave constructive feedback and was not like ha this is good ha this looks nice. So this is what I made-


So in this session, we watched a ted talk from an absolute mad lad in my opinion. His name is Hasan Elahi. We think this generation’s life is on the internet out there for anyone to see for example where you're travelling to, what you're eating, etc. but this…


So on the third session of interaction design, we did nothing. It was quite boring we were just presenting our ideas to Dinesh for our assignment. The assignment was to come up with a home assistant which will be in our house 10 years into the future. I made a rough concept that the walls of the house will be the assistant itself and will have integrated screens in the wall. But yeah that was it we just sitting and seeing each other's ideas and concepts. No doubt people were coming up with interesting ideas but after a while it was jarring.


In the 2nd class of interaction design, we talked about speculations. Everyone gave different speculations that they’ve seen or made.
Why do we make speculations?
So the reason why we make speculations is that there is a need for purpose. This was pretty confusing to comprehend at first but when Dinesh…


This week I had my first class on interaction design. I went in with a completely blank image of what interaction design is and how does it affect us on a daily basis. I had some knowledge about it and how it is related to user experience. But never…

shivanshu gohil

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