So in this session, we watched a ted talk from an absolute mad lad in my opinion. His name is Hasan Elahi. We think this generation’s life is on the internet out there for anyone to see for example where you're travelling to, what you're eating, etc. but this guy documents and clicks pictures of everything and everywhere he goes. Like literally everywhere he goes even the washrooms. He made a dedicated website for this journalling. https://www.ted.com/talks/hasan_elahi_fbi_here_i_am?language=en#t-580516 this is the link to his ted talk if you want to find out why he does this.

In the later half of the class, we again came back to discussing our concepts which we had refined after the previous class. So I’ll share the initial concept and the refined version of the concept for the home assistant over here.

Initial Concept

Walls as screens

Brain implant

Brian implant inside our head which is connected to the whole house

You can do stuff just by thinking about it

It understands your behaviour and learns how you go about in your life


-if you think it is too sunny it will close the blinds

-if you want to shower and you think a hot shower would be really nice right now it will turn on the geyser, bathroom lights, music, etc.

-you wake up and you think you need coffee and as you walk into the kitchen it’s already there waiting for you

Connected to the screens on your wall so you can have many tabs all over the walls

Tracks your movements

Refined Concept


It won’t be a brain implant but it will be a patch that sticks on your neck or on your head which can be removed for privacy issues.

As walls are huge screens, you can open tabs on the walls just by thinking and transferring the impulses through the patch. Which will make our lives more effortless.

You won’t need any physical remotes/keyboards/mice

Eg:- If you’re playing a game and you want to check your mail, you can just look at the wall and think about opening the email app and it shows up without closing your game.

Wallter uses machine learning to understand your movement and habits.

Eg:- If you have a habit of watching Netflix while having lunch, Wallter learns this and whenever you go and get your lunch the system turns on Netflix on the wall that is in front of you.

Wallter can give you a recap of your day and remind you of stuff like if you clicked some good pictures it would show you a slide show of those pictures when you’re chilling. Or if someone recommended a movie or series it would suggest you watch it when you sit down to have your food or when you’re sitting idle.

If you are leaving for a place and want to check the ETA or the route it will show you.

If you saw a person wearing an outfit and thought it was nice then Wallter will look it up on the internet and show you where can you buy it.